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Warm your Home this Winter

Wed 13th May 2020

Create a winter wonderland inside your own home!
Create a winter wonderland inside your own home!

As days shorten and temperatures dip, we are spending more time indoors and finding new ways to bring warmth into the home. Creating a winter sanctuary can be as simple as embracing seasonal hues, or adding layers and textures to the space. Some tasks may require additional tools and protective equipment. For the tasks beyond your expertise, even those you are unsure about, hire a tradesperson for your safety. For the seasonal decorator, here are our ideas for warming your home this winter.


Revive the space


For seasonal hues, the cheapest, easiest way to transform the space is fresh paint, and the cooler months are the perfect time to explore a new colour palette. Experiment with rich, moody tones, or keep the space light with warm, neutral colours and muted tones. Otherwise, revive old furniture with fresh paint and layer the space with accent soft furnishings. Whether you are creating a feature wall or painting an entire room, hire a professional painter for longer-lasting results.


Get creative with colour to get that warm winter feel.
Get creative with colour to get that warm winter feel.


Restore your fireplace


For your next statement within the home, look no further than the fireplace. Hiding in plain sight and often disregarded throughout the year, a restored fireplace can bring warmth and light into the space in more ways than one. First, clean the surround and style the mantlepiece. Create a rustic feature with chopped firewood to complement the fireplace and complete the space. For peace of mind, hire a professional chimney sweep and notice the difference that even a clean fireplace can make.


Switch your soft furnishings


Introduce warmth to the space with soft furnishings, from bed linen to throws, cushions and rugs. Whether you are decorating the bedroom, the living room or the entire home, an interior designer can help deliver the final result. Together, create a swatch and choose your materials, and remember to play with texture this season. Create layers with throws and accent cushions to make the space warm and inviting, and add a rug for another layer of comfort. Goodbye autumn, hello winter.


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By Josiah Westbrook