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Let your garden shine at night

Mon 30th Aug 2021

The days are getting warmer and longer, leading to more time spent outdoors and into the evenings. Before the sun sets, you will need to light up the space - but there are more ways than the traditional light bulb to do this, which can help create a more festive ambiance.

String lights

Fairy lights have been a popular addition to outdoor areas in recent times to string along the top of fence lines or walls. They can also be hung in other ways too to illuminate an area or set the mood. Consider running lights on the ground around garden beds, decks or outdoor furniture. Lights can also be hung vertically to create a cascading waterfall effect down a wall or fence line.


Lamps and lanterns

Just as a lamp can create a cosy feel inside the home, outdoor lamps mimic the same effect. Battery powered lanterns can be transported to wherever in your outdoor area that you need the light, making them a handy option for dinner parties or enjoying family time on a summer's evening. Think beyond the traditional styles too and see the lighting options available that look like pieces of artwork that can be scattered around your garden or outdoor area. Illuminating pot plants will provide a light source as well as greenery. They can also serve as a practical purpose by lighting up a path or entrance way.


Subtle lighting coming up from the ground can also serve a practical purpose to light the way, but can be decorative as well. They can be used to highlight features in your garden, such as flowers, or when used under furniture, can create a romantic mood. Coloured lights can enhance features in your outdoor area, with blue a common colour used around pools, for example.

Suspended lights

If you have an outdoor table or other permanent seating or structures located in your outdoor area, consider pendants suspended from the ceiling. Choose a fixture that directs light to where you want most, such as the centre of a table where food will be served. Some will come with additional features such as heat lamps that can be turned on when an evening chill sets in. These lights come in a variety of styles to suit any taste.

By Cara Jenkin