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Get out of a fix with these tradies

Mon 16th Aug 2021

When big things break, it may seem obvious which tradies to call - plumbers for a new hot water unit, air conditioning mechanics to fix air conditioning units, electricians to repair wiring problems. There are also other tradies to consider after things go wrong to ensure you get your home back in working order.

Water damage

Leaking pipes in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen may have been dispensing water for months before you called in a plumber. Following water damage, a mould removal specialist may be required to get rid of build up, and may also recommend a treatment plan to dry out the affected area.

A plasterer may be needed to repair a wall, and a painter to match the right colour to the rest of the wall. It might also be a good idea to get a floor specialist to check the stability of the floor, and an electrician to check any wiring.

roof leak at home
roof leak at home

Electrical damage

If you've been quick enough to catch a faulty appliance or outlet before fire took hold of your home, there still can be significant damage caused, even if it was contained to a small area. An electrician will be able to check if the wiring was at fault or played a role in the fire, and if the misguided reaction to use water was used to extinguish the fire, check for any damage to the outlet.

Plasterers and painters can patch up any burn marks on walls. Smoke damage may have occurred, so a specialist cleaner may be required to remove soot, and may be able to organise painters and floorers to help rejuvenate the affected area. A carpenter may also be required to repair timber damage.

Wind damage

Wind can cause all sorts of damage to the home, either directly or indirectly.   Loose roofing may be the obvious damage to get repaired, but also check gutters to ensure they have not become loose or shifted, by calling a roof plumber or roofer.

Wind can also cause tree branches to fall on to homes, so it may be a good idea to call an arborist to check the health of the rest of the tree, ensuring more limbs don't fall in the next big gust.

A glazier can check the stability of windows and repair any cracks. With climates changing across Australia, and storms becoming more prevalent, consider beefing up your windows before the next weather system hits by installing cyclonic glazing or roller shutters.

By Cara Jenkin