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Top 3 Gardening tips for beginners

Wed 13th May 2020

Get your green thumb on this winter!
Get your green thumb on this winter!

There's no better way to get productive whilst also getting some quality outdoor time than finally getting around to some home gardening! Here are our top tips to getting started in your garden. 


Prep your space

Remove any turf and debris, add fertiliser and work the top 8-12 inches of soil with a small spade or fork to ready the soil for your plants. To make sure your garden is protected from wind and direct sunlight, install a frame for your garden bed. It's best to find a landscaper to help with this and to make sure your garden bed has adequate drainage, protection for your plants and looks neat and tidy. 


Get the kids involved for some family fun!
Get the kids involved for some family fun!


Choose your plants

The important things to consider when choosing your plants are sunlight, soil types, the climate you live in and what kind of plants are in season. If you're planting a veggie patch, now is the perfect time to plant winter herbs and vegetables like zucchini, pumpkin and mint. If flowers are more your thing, lavender can thrive in Australian winter. If you're looking for something hardy that will last all year round, succulent plants are your best friend, as long as your soil, drainage and sunlight levels permit. Importantly, be sure to consider how large and deep the roots for your selected plants are - you don't want your roots to burst through your pots or garden bed walls or to choke other plants!


Find low-maintenance solutions to keep it alive!

Finally, when your life gets busier, no doubt you'll want to make sure your plants can thrive with minimal effort, so think ahead now!  Put down weed mat and consider rigging your garden up with accessories like automatic watering and bug-repellents to keep your plants thriving whilst shooing away any nasty pests. Alternatively, if you want your garden to look and feel it's best and you're not able to invest the time ongoing, bring in a professional. 


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By Claudia Slack