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Say goodbye to pests

Mon 22nd Mar 2021

These simple tips can protect your home from pests.
These simple tips can protect your home from pests.

Protecting your home from unwanted creepy crawlies and bugs is essential; not only can they damage your property but they can carry germs and diseases.  In conjunction with an annual pest control service, there are a few simple pest control tips you can take to prevent the likelihood of unwanted pests all year round.

Seal your entry points

Check for cracks, holes or other crannies in your walls and foundations for they are easy entry points into your home. Be mindful, rats, mice and insects have Houdini-like skills and can monourve themselves into the smallest of holes. Should you find potential entry points, you can seal them with caulk, plaster, cement or even steel wool or cloth. Weather door strips for doorways will also prevent pests and vermin from entering - keeping that front door for you and your guests only! Capping your chimney is also important and they should all have mesh small enough to keep animals and pests out, but large enough to allow the products of combustion to escape freely.

Keep your house clean

An obvious one yes, but pests love dirty and damp environments so it's essential that you keep your home; especially your kitchen and bathrooms, clean and free of moisture and food. Wipe counters, racks, stove-tops, sinks, toilet cleaner holders, showers and baths regularly using good quality cleaners. Keep those steps up and ensure you regularly vacuum. Store food and pet food in well-sealed containers that can't be accessed by pests and don't keep ripe fruits and vegetables out for too long. Finally, dispose of garbage regularly as this can lead to unwanted infestations which can easily lead to the spread of disease.

Clear the clutter

A cluttered and messy home offers many hiding spots for pests to mate and raise their young. So looking around your home you see an excess of clutter - maybe it's time to try that KonMari method you've heard about so much. 

Crumbs make perfect critter food, so be sure to bin them ASAP!
Crumbs make perfect critter food, so be sure to bin them ASAP!

Outside maintenance

Check you don't have bushes, trees or shrubs touching your roof or gutters as this creates a red carpet entry into your home. Overhanging trees against the house also allows easy access for possums and snakes. To avoid a costly termite problem, remove any firewood, timber or old furniture that might be stored under or against the home and instead store at a safe distance, preferably elevated.

Get rid of stagnant water

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes; so next time you get some rain, walk around your property to check there's no water pooling anywhere - this includes buckets, pots, outdoor toys and furniture. Repair leaking pipes and faulty plumbing or hot water systems which produce high moisture catchments.  Regularly empty and replace the water in your fountain or bird bath - the birds will thank you for their healthier, freshwater too.

Don't bring the outside in

Keep outside toys, furniture and tools outside and inside ones inside. If you have to bring them in, ensure you thoroughly wipe them down first to avoid pests entering your home who could potentially start to breed inside.   Remember, prevention is often always cheaper than the cure. However should you find yourself dealing with an infestation, you can find experienced, pest control services with Buy Search Sell.  


By Kirsten Jakubenko