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Give your home a Summer makeover

Thu 7th Jan 2021

Update your home in time for the sunny season!
Update your home in time for the sunny season!

One of the great parts about living in the lucky country is that, for the most part, it's summer for most of the year. As such, a sunny and bright decor can easily fit into any Aussie home. If you're looking for some changes to bring that summer vibe into your home all year round, look no further!

Fresh coat of paint

Whether you're painting a whole house or just a feature wall in a room, a colour refresh can bring a summer vibe to your home. When we think of summer colours we immediately look to whites and blues, but there's a whole range of other colours to choose from, and not all of them have to be over the top. Muted coral pink, marigold yellow, seafoam green, classic indigo, lilac purple and even tangerine orange (in moderation) can be ways to bring a bit of cheer and light to the darkest of rooms. While it's only cosmetic, any of these colours can take a room from feeling hot and oppressive to a fresh, sunny, warm and inviting room that you'll want to use all year round.  

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Summer calls for bright paint colours.

Beautiful blinds or curtains

There's nothing better than opening the windows on a hot summer's day to let the breeze blow through. Having practical and gorgeous blinds or curtains can provide privacy while still looking great and letting that cool breeze fill your home. Plantation shutters are a stunning way of ensuring your privacy is maintained, and they're super easy to clean. They can also black out a room for those hot summer nights. If you're more into curtains, light cotton and linen fabrics are great for allowing light to come through while maintaining privacy and providing a luxurious, resort feel. If you're looking to black out a room with curtains, there are plenty of great options and colours to fit your summer theme. If you've used the above colours to paint your room, just make sure they don't clash!

Spring clean in time for Summer

Before you get into your painting or new furnishings, the most important thing to do is to blow away that winter dust and grime! Over the colder months, our outdoor areas and pools can tend to get neglected. Giving tiles or bricks a pressure wash, mowing the lawn, tending your garden and getting your pool professionally cleaned and chemically balanced are just a few things to consider when you're spring cleaning. It might be hard work (which is why we prefer to call in a professional), but it'll be worth it to get full enjoyment out of your home with family and friends in the warmer months.

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By Claudia Slack