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Get Ready for Summer Early

Mon 24th Aug 2020

As the frosty days dwindle, don't get caught out in the heat!
As the frosty days dwindle, don't get caught out in the heat!

When Australian's think of summer, it's full of backyard BBQs, spending time with friends and family by the pool and enjoying a cold, crisp drink while the cricket plays in the background. However, it's also filled with those extremely hot summer days and finding new ways each year to try and keep cool. It's hard to consider the summer heat when we're all rugged up inside, but it's the perfect time to start thinking about any renovations or installations you may need to make sure you're ready for the Australian summer.


Install Air Conditioning


If you've been thinking about installing air-conditioning and were just waiting for a sign, well here it is! Whether it's to power the whole house or just one room, by installing one now, you'll be ready for when those temperatures rise at the beginning of summer. For those who already have air-conditioning, don't be one of the unlucky ones and get caught out on the first seriously hot day of the year. It's recommended to get your air-conditioning checked annually to ensure it's in in good working condition. Try contacting an air-conditioning specialist to book in a service or installation to ensure your summer days will be smooth sailing, instead of melting away in the heat.


It's time to service or replace that clunky old air conditioner, before it's too late!
It's time to service or replace that clunky old air conditioner, before it's too late!


Install or Renovate Your Pool


Installation time for a concrete or fibreglass pool can vary depending on different factors, but it will usually take between 12 and 14 weeks from the initial consultation. By planning ahead, you can make sure you don't miss out on installing your dream pool and can ensure that it's up and running by the time summer comes around. If your pool has already been installed, now's a good time to renovate or revamp the area to make it the ultimate entertainment space for your family and friends. Make sure your new pool has been approved by local authorities and make an appointment with a pool builder to help you prepare for summer.


Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer BBQs

To make sure you're ready for backyard BBQs, try sprucing up the space by installing a new deck, fixing up the one you have or adding some new furniture. This will allow for a great place for your friends and family to relax while you fire up the grill. If you already have that sorted, try updating the garden or adding in some new garden features to make your backyard the perfect backdrop for a BBQ with the family. By looking after the lawn and landscaping the garden now, you will have no hesitations in hosting the first summer BBQ and will help take the stress out of the summer season. For expert advice and results, try hiring a professional landscaper or gardener to help you create your dream backyard for summer BBQs.


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By Natasha Mann