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Get ready for a New Years Eve party

Mon 28th Dec 2020

Have a party at home this year
Have a party at home this year

Due to the pandemic, New Years Eve will look a little different this year. Keeping pandemic regulations in mind, use this time between the holidays to get ready for a COVID-safe NYE party. Remember that COVID regulations are regularly being updated in accordance with the current status of the virus, and it's important to check in with your state to ensure it's legal to host a party, and what the restrictions are. Whether it's a small or large gathering, ensure that you have the proper precautions in place to protect yourself and all your party guests, and to make sure everyone has the best night ever!

Get your lawn ready

Having your gathering outdoors is the easiest way to comply with the Australian Government Department of Health's recommendations on public gatherings, including physical distancing and good hygiene. Ensure your lawn has been mowed and tidied to maximise the space available to use. Lay down a large dance floor or well spaced-out tables to not only protect your lawn but to ensure appropriate physical distancing. If you need to purchase new tables, get them flat-packed and have a tradie lend a helping hand to set them up. Provide hand-sanitiser to your guests at the entrance point and several locations throughout the backyard to ensure guests regularly maintain good hygiene. Ensure you have enough lighting installed in your backyard to make sure your party is well-lit enough that people can ensure they're appropriately spaced apart. With physical distancing, it's important to protect your garden beds from stray feet as people spread out on your lawn, so with appropriate advice from a gardener or landscaper, put up protective barriers for your garden beds and plants.   

Why not have a virtual party this year!
Why not have a virtual party this year!

Organise guest entertainment

With most states cancelling their NYE fireworks, it's important to ensure you provide entertainment for your guests in your private gathering. Why not put on your own show with a projector to view fireworks from previous years? At a pinch, you can recycle your outdoor Christmas lights to create a fun, exciting light display for your backyard bash. Finally, make sure your music can be heard throughout the backyard from speakers, whether they're portable or smart speakers installed in your home. Just make sure you follow your local regulations on noise control and drop a courtesy note to your neighbours to warn them in advance!

Host a virtual party

If you originally planned on meeting friends or family overseas for New Years Eve, or the COVID situation changes in your state and it is no longer safe to host a party in your home, why not set up a virtual party! Zoom, Google Hangouts, House Party, FaceTime and Skype are just some of the programs and apps you can use to host your family and friends in an online party. Set up any phone, tablet or laptop that has a camera and a decent internet connection in a good spot so that your whole household can join in on the fun, accompanied by your favourite snacks and drinks. Through Spotify, you can start a group session so you can all listen to the same party playlist. Finally, there are plenty of online, virtual games you can all play together to keep the party going, such as online trivia and board games.

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By Claudia Slack