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Allied Waste Don't Talk Rubbish, They Deal With It

Tue 29th Jun 2021

Allied Waste is a specialist waste services company providing tailored solutions for commercial, industrial and domestic clients.
Allied Waste is a specialist waste services company providing tailored solutions for commercial, industrial and domestic clients.

No matter what home renovation project you have, from the bathroom to the backyard, there will be one common by-product - waste.

For the larger projects, in particular, that is not something that householders can generally fit in their kerbside rubbish bin in one week.

A waste collection service is one way to get rid of unwanted materials and comes with significant benefits.

They will come to your house and provide a bin, such as a skip bin, for you to put your waste into, and will return to collect it at a later date.

Better for the environment

Specialist waste services company Allied Waste, South Australia's largest transporter of skip bins, says modern waste techniques now mean that at least 97 per cent of what it handles is recycled.

"Until recent years construction and salvage demolition waste went directly to landfill," it says.

"We now lead the movement to recycle this product.

"We aim to eliminate the need for landfill for all our processed waste."

Organics go to make mulch; plastics and paper recycled to make other paper and plastic products; and gyprock, masonry and timber to make things like rubble, mulch and recycled timber products.

Get rid of it all

Local government authorities have varying rules and ways of getting rid of waste, including the amount that may be collected at any one time.

Allied Waste says whether the waste is commercial, industrial or domestic, a waste collection service will have a bin size to collect it.

"We offer bins from 120L to 40 cubic metres," it says.

Engaging a service may also help save residents money from accumulating disposal fees, hiring trailers and other costs associated with doing it yourself and making several trips to waste transfer stations.

Waste services also can remove the material when it suits you, saving you from having to wait for when local government services are offered.

They're also guaranteed to turn up - unlike that relative that said they'll come over to help you.

It's responsible

Registered, licensed and accredited providers will make sure your debris is handled responsibly and won't end up on the side of a road.

Professional waste services also are aware of and abide by occupational health and safety practices to ensure the rubbish is removed safely.

Allied Waste, a family-owned company, says waste collection services also can provide advice on what can be collected and how, such as if permits are necessary and how to determine the size of the rubbish bin required.

"We're always ready to provide advice - all you have to do is ask," it says.

"No job is too big or too small for our team."

Some waste collection services also may provide a same-day emergency service.

By Cara Jenkin