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Eco Gutter And Roofing

Date listed: 27/11/2019


Maintenance tip It’s always good to call on an expert when it comes to your roof but there’s a few simple things to keep an eye out for. After a big downpour or storm it’s always a good idea to have a walk around the outside of the home to have a look for any fallen debris, sections of the ridge capping pointing if already loose can often fall off this creates a gap in the ridge tile and where water can penetrate the roof cavity and in turn cause a leak within the home, also bits of broken tile these are quite common on older tiled roofs but certainly shouldn’t be overlooked as not only can these cause leaks inside but also can create rot to timbers within the roof if a leak persists, we often attend property’s where water has gotten into the roof but the owner hasn’t noticed any leak inside, another thing to look out for is moss and lichen growing on the roof tiles, this is in most cases caused by the fact the tile coating has worn away and now the tile is porous, the tile begins to absorb water and as a result the moss and lichen begins to grow this can stop water from draining off the roof which in turn can create a leak. Keeping an eye out for these simple things an save you a small fortune in the future. Biggest mistake people make Simply leaving things without having them checked out properly, if you notice any of the signs in our maintenance tips, it’s best to get it checked, another mistake people make is using unlicensed trades and not being accredited. Best thing to ask for Licences and accreditation’s they are so important, choosing someone to undertake works without them is very risky and could end up being your worst nightmare. Eco gutter and roofi ng are fully licenced for roof restoration work, ridge capping, roof plumbing and timber fascias replacements / repairs, we are also an accredited Dulux Acratex applicator for roof restorations, HIA members and have fully liability and accidents insurance - so we have it all covered. We also provide you with a written 10 years guarantee as well the manufacturers guarantees on the products we use.

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