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Fines for allowing the risk of exposure to elec-trical harm of up to $2 million exist under the Queensland Electrical Safety Act 2002.

Fines from $200,000 - $300,000 for Landlords and $2,000,000 for Body Corporates or electri-cians undertaking duties for Body Corporates. Division 2 40c (c) is the legislation that states the offence for exposure of risk of death, injury or illness. 15,000 penalty points for body cor-porates or electricians in control.

Penalties of 1,500 to 3,000 penalty points exist for landlords in control of undertaking as de-fined by the Act. The Australian Tax Office can best advice on which is applicable to a land-lords specific situation. Penalty points are cur-rently at $137.85 per point.

So, the question must be – what exposure is and how do I prevent it.

Exposure under the act means placing some-one at risk of an electrical injury. Electric risks include:

1. No safety switch on any circuit

2. Safety switches not working properly (because of no frequent testing procedure implemented)

3. Cracked power points or light switches

4. Power points or circuits not tripping a circuit breaker or safety switch under fault conditions

5. Electrical cable at arm’s reach not mechani-cally protected

6. Electrical conduit cracked or broken

7. Recalled items due to electrical danger in-cluding safety switches, appliances, solar isola-tors, solar panels, solar inverters, batteries, motors and generated power sources

8. Expired cabling (30-50 years old) preventing safety switches and circuit breakers from working correctly

What can we do to prevent them – ensure that none of the risks outlined above are exposed or present.

Clem Capdevila has created a sheet that any-body can use to give to their electrician to ensure preventing exposure and adherence compliance with a duty holder. Visit for the free test sheet

My name is Clemente (Clem) Capdevila, over the past 4 years I have worked towards a way in creating electrical safety to all Queenslanders and beyond. In May 2021, I sustained a critical parachuting accident resulting in 37 injuries including a broken right foot, broken pelvis, broken left shoul-der, broken ribs and shattered spine, leaving me with 2 rods from T12 to my pelvis with 12 screws holding me together and 1 plate with 5 screws in my foot. I am now past a strong road to recovery thanks to all the medical staff at the PA hospital and St An-drew’s Hospital. What also got me through the “touch and go” start as described by my surgeon at the PA, was the belief in myself to get through it, and the belief that I had not completed my mission in life to create electrical safety for the world.

Since the accident with so much time and a mission to complete, I looked at what to do to enhance my efforts in creating electrical safety for all. I created more ads in this pa-per and met with ESO officials to discuss matters of electrical safety for the communi-ty. And then made a monumental advance-ment, by creating 2 new websites providing education about electricity and electrical danger prevention for adults and children with no electrical background or using tech-nical phrases or words.

The first website is Stop the Electric Silent Killer, this website includes a 5-book series for all adults in or out of the electrical indus-try and landlords. The books include –

1. Why electricity is killing our children / How to stop a killer– for everyone (free).

2. 2.The method to stop the killer – for the community ($14.95).

3. 3. Stop the killer at the door – For retailers and landlords (free).

4. 4. Become an electrician and stop a killer – for the future electrician (free).

5. 5. Protect the community and stop the killer – for electricians and con-tractors (free).

You can enhance your knowledge and un-derstanding of electricity and its dangers by visiting or scan the QR Code below.

The second website is for children. It is called Electricity with Marley & friends. It stars Marley the German Sheppard who teaches her friends about electricity.

The 10-book series progresses to quizzes and awards for children. All books a free for par-ents to read with their children. The website also includes a fun for the whole family card game, staring all the characters from the book series sharing their safety message priced at $55.

For the complete family experience a board game accompanying the card game is availa-ble at $129. For family fun reading for the parent as well as the listing child visit or scan the QR Code below.

And since 2007 with over 10,000 customers, Clems Electrical offers electrical services to the residents between Brisbane and Ipswich. Specialising in electrical safety our custom-ers enjoy living in a property free for the risk of exposure to electrical harm. As part of our service, we offer complimentary electrical safety inspections, an interesting point is that our newest apprentice who has started 4 months ago has still not found a house free from electrical danger.

The truth is as a community we don’t under-stand electricity or are aware of the dangers living around us. My believe is to reach all Queenslanders a mandatory testing program for all properties must be introduced. Other-wise, the ability to reach all Queenslanders will not be possible. All other efforts includ-ing this publication, the 2 new websites and all other electrical safety focus platforms, will only reach a small portion of the popula-tion and only a small percentage of those reached will act. That’s why we will continue to hear about electric shock and deaths from time to time.

You can change your current path, check out the website at and if you have children, have fun and laugh-ter at

Additional information can be found on the new ESO’s website with good information on electrical safety at

Thank you for reading, Clem Capdevila

Brisbane 4000

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