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Action Landscaping

Date listed: 5/2/2020

Complete Landscaping

Retaining Walls



Stonework Paving

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DIP Horticulturist & Landscaper

Action Landscapes

Action Landscapes is a full-service landscaping company with a straightforward and unique design/build philosophy. We believe in having one landscape designer handle the job from its conception on paper, to the realization of your property. The reason; by doing this you are able to communicate and work with a single individual, where you can share your thoughts and idea’s to bring them, in collaboration, to life.

We are made up of a group of highly skilled landscaping professionals who pay a lot of attention to small details. In the 10+ years of experience, our staff keeps your property looking and functioning beautifully. Plus our landscapers are fully licensed.



Environmental Policy

Action Landscapes are committed to providing a quality service in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and minimizes our potential impact on the environment.

We will operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and we will strive to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices in all we do.



Key Points

The key points are:

 Consider all aspects of environmental concerns and impacts into all of our decision-making and activities.
 Promote environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  Train, educate and inform our employees about environmental issues that may affect their work.
  Strive continually to improve in environmental performance.
  Prevention of pollution.
  We remove all waste and leave all work sites as tidy as possible and dispose of all waste responsibly.
  Reduce waste through re-use and recycling and by purchasing recycled or recyclable materials where these alternatives are available, economical and suitable.
  Promote efficient use of materials and resources throughout our facility including water, electricity, raw materials and other resources, particularly those that are non-renewable.
  Avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and seek substitutions when feasible.
 Purchase and use environmentally responsible products accordingly and wherever possible use locally sourced products.
  Where required by legislation or where significant health, safety or environmental hazards exist, develop and maintain appropriate emergency and spill response programmes.
  Communicate our environmental commitment to clients and encourage them to support it.
 Encourage the use of water storage and composting.



Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are an excellent way to enhance the value and appeal of your landscaping project. Action Landscapes will ensure that your retaining wall will be an integral part in the creation of your garden. Our qualified tradesmen are skilled and experienced in the use of different materials.



Our qualified tradesmen are skilled and experienced in the use of the following materials:

  Interlock stone
  Bessar blocks



We can advise which brick paver or stone material will best suit your needs and compliment your existing area. Our paving specialists have an eye for detail and the expertise in constructing driveways, pathways, pool surrounds, patios, flagging, steps and edge stone.  We can also replicate most styles or themes you may have seen on someone else’s brick paved area – so take your camera and grab a photo of something you like and we can use this on your own project. There is a huge range of pavers, large and small, to choose from.



Our qualified tradesmen are skilled and experienced in the use of the following materials:




Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of architectural requirements from trending modern to turn of the century renditions. We tailor our design and build team to capture your vision. We have left a permanent mark in our community with our commitment to quality and attention to detail. As our clients and interior design teams bring to us new challenges, our experienced craftsmen rise to meet and exceed your expectations.


Custom woodwork

Take advantage of our custom woodwork services:



Water Features

Action Landscapes can incorporate water features or waterfalls into your pool design or water garden, or install as a standalone element.



We are pleased to offer the following formal & informal water features:

  Ponds (lighting, specific plants and fish)
  Bubbling features



Soft Landscape & Maintenance

Soft landscaping is important in the interest of enhancing your outdoor living area. Our maintenance team is staffed by qualified horticulturists with extensive experience.


Range of Services

We provide a wide range of maintenance services including:

  Garden clean up
  Lawn Mowing
  Pruning and Weeding
  Garden edging
  Planting advice and sourcing
  Fertilising & Mulching
  Formal & informal Tree/hedge trimming
  Irrigation service
  Pest control
  Green waste removal



Other Services

Count on us to go above and beyond your expectations. We pride ourselves in being your one-stop shop for all your landscaping needs. 


Other Services

We provide the following additional services:

  Irrigation services
  Garden Lighting systems
  Drainage work
  Excavation and earthworks
  Pressure cleaning sandstone


Qbcc/licence number

Hornsby 2077