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If you are looking to have your home renovated or extended or are considering a new build, then you are likely to have a vision of what it will look like. I can turn your vision into reality. My designs are practical and unlike most other services, I am strongly driven by your vision. I make sure that you love every single detail of the finished structure.

Creativity, and excellence is what I can offer for you. I know and understand that the accuracy of every single detail is very important in architectural design. In my designs, every element of the structure is determined according to your vision. All designs that I produce are made to the highest possible standard.

All projects that I undertake are contract based by negotiation. Before we begin working on your design, we come to the site and carry out an assessment, collecting the required the information about the construction site. Once I have the data, I design and draft the working drawings through the use of the latest drawing software. Throughout this process, I actively listen to you and incorporate your valuable feedback into the design. Once the design is complete, I will deliver it to you in a format that can directly be forwarded to your local authority and or construction manager for further processing.

I specialize in residential additions and alterations, so if you are looking to remodel your home, my skills might be just the service that you need. So, what are you waiting for? Rejuvenate your surroundings with the designs provided by my amazing service.

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