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Peters Small Animal Fruity Crunch Bar (not Available In Wa, Nt & Tas)



PETERS SMALL ANIMAL FRUIT CRUNCHY BAR (100g)   Crunchy grains, seeds, dried tropical fruits; together these three form the holy trinity for rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats. Now they are ALL in a once-mythical-now-irresistible sacred crunchy bar of biblically scrumptious proportions!   Formed around a safe and chewable wooden core of renewable forest timber, Peters Fruit Crunchy Bars are an ideal choice for adult rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats of all breeds.   Complete with a string so it can be hung from the top or the side of their living area, use this fruity crunch bar as a supplement to your little friend’s principal diet.   Ingredients*: Wheat, Sorghum, Black sunflower seed, Crushed maize, Oats, Extruded cereal pieces, Dried banana chips, Sultanas and/or Raisins, Paw paw, Pineapple, Colours.   *List of ingredients is not exhaustive. Should you have any queries regarding allergies, please contact the manufacturer.     Weight: 100g

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