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Peckish Pet Bedding 1.2kg (not Available In Wa, Nt & Tas)



PECKISH PET BEDDING 1.2KGTaking breakfast in bed to the next level, Peckish Small Animal Pet Bedding is perfect for keeping your pet comfy and cosy throughout the chilly months, while doubling as a delicious feed for your furry friend.A balanced and all-natural hay grown in Tasmania, this Pet Bedding comes free of harmful chemicals, perfumes, and other nasties which could pose a risk to your pet. Offering a warm and comfortable place for guinea pigs and rabbits to burrow, this hay also promotes natural foraging behaviour which is ideal for enrichment. The bedding makes a balanced and high fibre feed which supports digestive health while also promoting healthy chewing to wear down the teeth and protect dental health.Tasmanian-grown hay beddingKeeps rabbits and guinea pigs warm, comfy, and cosy throughout the cold monthsFully consumable hay doubles as a delicious and balanced feedHigh fibre content is great for digestive healthAll-natural hay without any chemicals, perfumes, or other harmful nastiesIrresistible aroma that small animals adorePromotes natural foraging and burrowing instincts which is great for enrichmentOffers dental health benefits by promoting healthy chewing to wear down the teethIngredients: Wheaten Hay

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