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Peckish Oaten Hay 1.2kg (not Available In Wa, Nt & Tas)



PECKISH OATEN HAY 1.2KGA delicious and nutritious hay for rabbits and guinea pigs, Peckish Small Animal Oaten Hay ensures that your little furry friend has access to the balanced and high fibre feed they need to thrive.Containing no harmful nasties such as chemicals or perfumes, this all-natural Tasmania-grown hay boasts an irresistible aroma and comes packed with fibre which is great for digestive health. Hay not only offers enrichment by promoting natural foraging and burrowing behaviour, it also supports dental health by encouraging your little furry friend to chew and wear down their teeth.Please note, grass hay such as this should make up roughly 75% of a small animal's diet.Tasmanian-grown hayBalanced feed that's high in fibreIdeal long-term feed for rabbits and guinea pigsAll-natural hay without any chemicals, perfumes, or other harmful nastiesPromotes natural foraging and burrowing behaviour which is great for enrichmentOffers dental health benefits by promoting healthy chewing to wear down the teethGrass hay such as this should make up approximately 75% of your small animal's dietIngredients: Oaten Hay

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