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Peckish Junior/dwarf Hay 1.2kg (not Available In Wa, Nt & Tas)



PECKISH JUNIOR/DWARF HAY 1.2KGPerfect for young rabbits, dwarf rabbits, and guinea pigs up to 12 months old when they're feeling a little peckish, Small Animal Junior Dwarf Hay offers the balanced, fibre-rich, calcium-rich, and protein-rich feed your little furry friend needs to thrive.Made from Tasmanian-grown Lucerne Hay, this delicious feed is 100% natural with no added nasties such as chemicals and perfumes, but instead boasts an irresistible natural scent that small animals adore. Sure to keep your pet nibbling and gnawing for ages - which is great for their dental health - hay also offers mental enrichment by encouraging natural burrowing and foraging behaviour. This delicious hay also delivers a rich and natural source of vitamin D.Tasmanian-grown Lucerne HayBalanced feed that's high in fibre, protein, and calciumNatural source of vitamin DIdeal for young rabbits, dwarf rabbits, and guinea pigs up to 12 months of ageCan be given to adult rabbits and guinea pigs in conjunction with other Peckish Small Animal HaysAll-natural hay without any chemicals, perfumes, or other harmful nastiesPromotes natural foraging and burrowing behaviour which is great for enrichmentOffers dental health benefits by promoting healthy chewing to wear down the teethGrass hay such as this should make up approximately 75% of your small animal's dietIngredients: Lucerne Hay

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