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Haypigs Wagon Hay Hooper



HAYPIGS WAGON HAY HOOPERWith all that nibbling, exploring, and foraging, everyday is a circus for a guinea pig, so decorate their home with a feeder to match their crazy antics with the Haypigs Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper.Designed to hold grass, hay, and forage for your little furry friend to nibble on, this hopper gives guinea pigs a little extra challenge while eating to keep them entertained and busy throughout the day. With a lid on top to prevent your little piggy friend from climbing up and falling in, this wagon is made from pet-friendly wood and paints that are safe for guinea pigs to munch on.Hay and grass should make up 80-90% of your guinea pig's diet which helps to keep their teeth short and their tummies healthy.Suitable for guinea pigs and dwarf rabbitsDesigned to be filled with hay, grass, and forageMade from pet-safe wood and paints that are safe to nibble onRemovable lid for easy fillingEncourages healthy foraging behaviour

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