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Haypigs Circus Treat Ball Enrichment Toy



HAYPIGS CIRCUS TREAT BALL ENRICHMENT TOYEvery day is a circus for a guinea pig, so why not go the whole 'hog' with this Haypigs! Circus Treat Ball?Designed to be filled with finely chopped fruits and veggies to satisfy your guinea pig's natural foraging instincts, this treat ball is an excellent way of keeping your furry friends active and entertained. Alternatively, you can split the ball in half and hide treats underneath the two hemispheres for your guinea pigs to snuffle out. You can also wedge treats into the stars for them to nibble away at! So many options!However you use it, this is a fabulous enrichment tool for the smallest members of your fur family!Excellent enrichment tool for guinea pigsMade from pet-safe and non-toxic ABS plasticWash after every useDishwasher-safeCan be used as a treat ballSplit the ball in two to hide treats underneath

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