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Haypigs Cavy Cannonball Tilting Tunnel



HAYPIGS CAVY CANNONBALL TILTING TUNNELGuinea pigs are naturally inquisitive animals, which is why it's so important to create an environment that satisfies their natural need to explore.Made from 100% safe and chewable materials, the Cavy Cannonball features a seesaw mechanism for extra fun as your guinea pig charges their way through. Alternatively, your little furry friend may simply choose to climb inside to take a nap while feeling extra safe and secure. The choice is theirs!The perfect enrichment tool, this Tilting Tunnel can be filled up with hay or other tasty treats to satisfy your guinea pig's instincts to forage and explore.Tilts back and forthExcellent enrichment toyFill with treats to encourage foraging behaviourOffers a secure place for guinea pigs to take a napEncourages interaction, play, and exercise

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