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Date listed: 24/8/2020
Our love and amazement over this
spectacular breed, has dogs has carried us for 3 generations of
raising Samoyed . We can't wait to share this love with you! Happily
announcing a new litter due. new puppies !!!! We are currently
accepting applications and deposits. 800 deposit is required to hold
your puppy. We are currently accepting applications. If approved you
will then be able to place a deposit. Also don't be afraid of the word
application, it is just a bit of get to know you better questions as a
potential grand puppy owner of ours! :each baby cost 2100 is the price the pups
start at. Pups will be going between 10 to 11 weeks ,
. Girls cost more than boys., When the pups get 10 weeks old Sunday will be
open as a visiting day. We encourage you to come see the pups
personalities so you can decide which pup might suit you the best. If
you aren't able come visit in person no worries at all. You'll be able
to watch your baby grow through the plentiful videos and pictures that
we post in our private message. Fun fact, Samoyed are one of the 10
most ancient breeds. Pomeranian, Huskies etc originate from Samoyed's.
Samoyed's are gentle and patient beyond belief. We put the mama to be
of this litter through all the levels of training to be a therapy
animal. These parents to be are magnificent, smart, loving fluffs. Our
family has been around and breeding Samoyed for as long as we can
remember. The children in our family were taught how to walk by
holding onto their fur and guided along. We focus on making the most
beautiful, happy, well loved babies. These dogs are family members,
and their puppies are raised completely inside with us. We couldn't be
more proud to have another litter with this mama, and I can't wait to
meet these babies. Thank you for your interest in our Samoyed, and
please send a message with your email if you would like an
application.all our babies pups are raised in our home environment and
are accustomed to children including other pets and normal household
noises. All are de-flead, wormed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and vet
checked.Text answered quickly.text 0-4-8-0-0-2-4-0-6-0-
Talk to you soon !

Animal typeDog


Age2 months 2 weeks


Expected sizeSmall

DesexedNot desexed



Vet checkedVet checked

Status of seller Breeder

Breeder ID19239

Brisbane Airport 4008

The best way to ensure that you are not buying from a puppy or kitten farm, is to visit the breeding property, view the animal's parents, and follow the advice in the RSPCA Buyer's guide.

RSPCA Puppy Buyer's Guide

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We would also like you to consider adopting an animal from a recognised and reputable animal welfare or rescue organisation such as your local RSPCA.

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