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The BARKAHOLICS® B800 Intelligent Bark Control Shock Collar is a smart choice for dog owners. It has an advanced bark recognition chip that helps distinguish your dog's barks from ambient noise. With adjustable sensitivity, double trigger identification, IP68 waterproofing and rechargeable capabilities, you can rest assured knowing your pup is in good hands. The bark counter helps monitor how much your pup is barking, providing accurate data for every bark.

Key features of B800:

IP68 waterproof and rechargeable

Colour touch screen

300mAh large capacity battery

Intelligent dog bark recognition chip

Double trigger identification system

Accurate anti false trigger control detection

Bark counter

Fits neck sizes 20cm to 60cm

Auto protection mode

B800 includes:

B800 collar receiver

Magnetic USB cable

Test bulb

Adjustable nylon collar strap

Conductive silicone contact points

English instructions

Legal information:

BARKAHOLICS® takes no legal liability for use or misuse of our training products in Australia or where the states they are classed as illegal for purchase and use.

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