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Aqua One Lifestyle 21 Tank Black



AQUA ONE LIFESTYLE 21 TANK BLACKEnsuring that your fishy friends are always shown at their finest, the Aqua One LifeStyle is an all-glass aquarium designed for ultimate viewing enjoyment.Perfect for new and experienced fish keepers alike, this tank boasts a curved design for seamless viewing, while the energy efficient LED lighting technology ensures that your fish are brightly and clearly lit to bring out their natural colours and beauty. The touch LED light technology allows you to switch between 'blue only' and 'all lights' so you can adjust the lighting whenever you like. This aquarium comes with a three-stage top filter, complete with all the media required for mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration.The tank comes with a conveniently hinged hood which makes feeding, cleaning, and maintenance a breeze.All-glass aquarium with a curved design for seamless viewingTop filter with all media included for mechanical, chemical, and biological filtrationTouch LED light technology with a Moonlight function allows you to cycle between 'Blue Only' and 'All Lights' (RGB)Hinged hood for easy feeding and maintenanceAlso available in whiteDimensions: 33W x 24D x 32cm H with a volume of 21 litres

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