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Api 14 Day Vacation Pyramid Automatic Fish Feeder



API 14 DAY VACATION PYRAMID AUTOMATIC FISH FEEDERHeading on vacation and want to make sure your fish will be well fed in your absence? Let API take care of the fish so you can focus on the journey ahead!The API 14 Day Vacation Pyramid Automatic Fish Feeder is the solution to feeding your fish while you go away. No need to hassle the neighbours or your friends to look after your fishy mates, simply drop a tablet into their tank and the food will slowly be released over a period of 14 days, so they can eat away to their heart's content without overfeeding.Pyramid shaped, this block will provide superior nutrition and meets the requirements every aquarium fish requires. It comfortably feeds up to 20 average size fish for 2 weeks. Suitable for goldfish, freshwater, tropical and saltwater fish. 

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