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Sporn Marrow T Bone Small



Sporn Marrow T Bone Small Pet: Dog Category: Dog Supplies Size: 0.1kg Material: Nylon
Rich Description: Sporn Marrow Tbone offers a unique and fun way for your dog to maintain good oral hygiene. This chewable nylon bone has a jerky flavoured centre and is perfect for dogs who are strong chewers. The nylon shavings act as a toothbrush would scrubbing and scraping away the tartar buildup. The chewy material allows your dog to sink their teeth so that the nylon can scrub all the way up to your dogs gums while they are chewing.

Maintains oral hygiene
Enticing jerky flavour
Builds a defense against tartar and plaque
Improves dental odour
Mimics a toothbrush

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