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Kong Signature Rope Double Tug



KONG SIGNATURE ROPE DOUBLE TUGDouble the rings for double the fun, the Kong Signature Double Tug Rope is perfect for interactive play with your dog, or for tug-o-war fun in multi-dog households.A super durable toy made from braided cotton and fleece, this toy is just a little bit stretchy, making it gentle in the mouth to prevent injury or tooth damage. Speaking of teeth, this toy also works to encourage and reward healthy chewing behaviour, offering the added benefit of cleaning and scrubbing the teeth with every bite to support dental health. The double ring design makes the toy easy to grip, both in your hand and in your dog's mouth, making it perfect for games of tug-o-war.Made from super durable braided cotton and fleeceStretchy tug toy for extra fun and a more rewarding chewing experienceDouble ring design is perfect for interactive playEncourages and rewards natural chewing behaviourCan help clean the teeth as your dog chews, supporting dental healthDimensions: 23 x 5 inches

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