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Kong Rewards Wally



KONG REWARDS WALLYA unique treat dispensing toy that's designed to activate your dog's natural foraging instincts, the Kong Rewards Wally rolls steadily and slowly when nudged, releasing delicious treats as it goes.Suitable for treats or up to one cup of kibble, the Rewards Wally can be used as either a boredom buster or as a slow feeder to help your dog take their time during meals. The grippy material on the outside helps muffle the sound as the toy rolls, allowing for quieter play, while the unique shape offers a more unpredictable rolling motion for an extra challenge.This toy neatly unscrews so it's easy to fill and simple to hand-wash.Treat dispenser or slow feeder for dogsHolds up to one cup of foodSteady and slow rolling motionGrippy outer material muffles noise for quieter playUnique shape offers an unpredictable rolling motionUnscrews for easy filling and cleaningHand-wash onlyDimensions: 5 x 5 inches

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