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Hartz Chew N Clean Bounce And Bite Dog Toy Large



Hartz Chew 'n Clean, Bounce & Bite, Dental Dog Chew, LargeDental dog toys help to manage dental hygiene and keep your dog's breath fresh. The Bounce & Bite dog chew uses DentaShield technology, which helps to reduce the accumulation of tartar.The shape of this chew toy has been crafted to provide the best surface for scrapingplaque from teeth. It's shaped like a bone with rubber balls on each end. These balls have raised bumps that get in the grooves between teeth and rubs against them.There are two edible bacon flavoured 'pockets' that go through the centre of the chew. These entice your dog to gnaw on it.Different textures aid the removal of plaque.DentaShield, an active ingredient, helps to prevent tartar from sticking to teeth.Fulfils your dog's natural instinct to chew.Measurements: 17cm L x 5cm W. Suitable for large dogs over 23kgs.

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