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Hartz Chew N Clean Bone Dog Toy Medium



Hartz Chew 'n Clean, Dental Dog Toy, MediumDental dog toys should be part of your dog's dental health routine. Some dogs run at the sight of a toothbrush so giving them a Chew 'n Clean toy is a great way to keep their teeth in tip-top condition.Unfortunately, gum disease and tooth decay are commonly seen in dogs both old and young. This dog chew helps to prevent this from occurring by gently scraping away plaque from the tooth surface.Nylon textured surface with raised bumps on both sides rub against teeth.Solid internal frame is durable to put up with tough chewing.Infused with bacon flavour to entice your dog. Measurements: 14cm L x 4cm W. For small and medium dogs 9kg to 23kg.

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