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Savic Comfort Nappy Size 7 - 12 Pack



SAVIC COMFORT NAPPY SIZE 7 - 12 PACKIf your dog is soiling the carpets, it can be hard to know what to do. But with the size 7 Savic Comfort Nappy, even the biggest dogs can enjoy living in the house with confidence, wearing a dog nappy designed with their comfort in mind. A super-absorbent gel will capture both blood and urine, keeping your dog comfortable and dry. These dog nappies are perfect for any dog, from untrained puppies and bitches in heat, to nervous and incontinent dogs, while the black colouring hides any stains. Your dog will be dressed to impress with these comfortable doggy diapers that give them their dignity back.  Make sure to change and dispose of the nappy once soiled. For sizing, measure the circumference of your dog's belly. Size 7: 74-84cm

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