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Login Biohybrid Handle 120pk



LOGIN BIOHYBRID HANDLE 120PKThe environmentally responsible way to practice responsible pet ownership, now you can pick up your dog's poop at minimal cost to the environment with Login Biohybrid Poop Bags.Leak-free, sturdy, and large enough to pick up dog logs of virtually any size, these bags are made from 25% annually renewable starch, and are designed to break down naturally, making them a more sustainable alternative to plastic poo bags. The bags come in eco-friendly cardboard packaging, and feature a core-free design that allows for more bags per roll while ensuring minimal wastage.Leak-free and sturdySustainable alternative to plastic poo bagsBreaks down naturally over time to minimise your environmental pawprintEco-friendly cardboard packagingUtilises world-leading biohybrid technology (made from 25% annually renewable starch)Reduced carbon footprint (42% compared to other eco-friendly products)Core-free design means more bags per roll with minimal waste9001 certified and committed to ISO 14040 (environmental life cycle management)

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