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Furminator Hair Collector Tool



FURMINATOR HAIR COLLECTOR TOOLSay goodbye to hairy tumbleweeds and furry snowstorms throughout your home with the Furminator Personal Hair Collection Tool.Designed to remove pet hair embedded in clothing, furniture, and fabrics, this convenient little tool quickly gathers up pet hair for easy clean-up and disposal. Designed to last longer than a regular sticky roller, this reusable tool is a quick and convenient solution to daily pet hair removal. In fact, Furminator are so confident in their Personal Hair Collection Tool that it's guaranteed to work or they'll give you your money back!Quickly and efficiently picks up pet hair embedded in clothing, furniture, and fabrics for easy disposalReusable and designed to last longer than a sticky rollerConvenient solution for daily pet hair removalTurn the nob to trap pet hairGuaranteed to work or your money back

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