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Dogness Water Fountain Plus 3.2L



Dogness Water Fountain Plus 3.2L Pet: Dog Category: Dog Supplies Size: 1.1kg Colour: White
Rich Description: The Dogness 3.2L fountain is designed to provide fresh flowing springlike water for your precious furry friend. Providing your pet with a water fountain can help increase water intake and improve hydration which is extra important in the warmer months in Australia. Featuring multiple filtration methods to block out all small impurities this water pump is ultra silent and uses low pressure to ensure quiet operation. A double filtration system uses activated carbon and a nanofilter to ensure tiny impurities and odours are removed from the stream. Made from BPAfree materials in an easytodisassemble design this product is both safe and easy to clean.

Small water fountain for pets 3.2L volume
Provides fresh filtered water for your furry friend
Double filtration system
Activated carbon and nanofilter
Removes impurities and odours
Ultra silent pump using low pressure 12V system

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