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Snooza Ortho Nestler Black Small



SNOOZA ORTHO NESTLER BLACK SMALLAn Australian orthopaedic foam base,  super high walls, and a plush, dense pile faux chinchilla fur base? Could your pet's bed BE any more luxurious? ... no. No it cannot. The Snooza Ortho Nestler is finished in designer furniture-grade fabric, and offers a soft, comfortable and secure place to nestle down into. The front bolster is lowered and shaped for easy entrance and offers a great place for your dog to rest their head. Removable and machine washable covers and Snoozafill bolsters make cleaning this comfortable dog bed a breeze. The bolsters also feature easy access zippers that make topping up your filling quick and easy. This dog bed is Australian-made and filled with Australian orthopaedic foam and recycled PET fiber, making it the comfiest bed around. Next time you ask your pet who's #1 in pet bed luxury, they'll say... absolutely nothing... because they don't talk. But they'll WANT to say Snooza... or 'feed me'... it's fifty-fifty on that one. 

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