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Himalayan Corp Yaky Churro Cheese



HIMALAYAN CORP YAKY CHURRO CHEESEThe deliciously cheesy treats that even smaller or weaker jaws can enjoy, Yaky Churro Cheese Treats feature a satisfyingly soft texture that's particularly suited to small, young, or senior dogs.A longer-lasting treat that helps to promote healthy chewing to support dental health, Churro Cheese Treats also come free of grain, lactose, and gluten, making them a particularly good option for sensitive dogs. The low fat formula also ensures that your furry friend can enjoy a tasty treat without losing track of their waistline!Soft texture is suitable for small, young, or senior dogs.Longer lasting chewy treat supports dental healthGrain-free, lactose-free, and gluten-freeHigh in proteinLow in fat?Ingredients: Potato Starch, Cheese,Vegetable Glycerin,Vinegar (Preservative)

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