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Blackdog Pig Snouts Jumbo (50 Per Bag)



Black Dog Jumbo Pig Snouts Bulk Bag of 50These jumbo pig snouts are great for dogs who like to chew. They'll relieve your dog's boredom and stop him from committing destructive behaviour in your house.Pig snouts are hard for dogs to resist. They have a strong appetising odour and dogs find the chewy texture addictive.Purchasing a few treats here and there can be expensive. This bulk bag of pig snouts works out to be highly cost-effective. Purchasing treats in bulk is not only beneficial to your finances - you'll also always have a treat in your cupboard to give to your dog when he is well behaved.Jumbo pig snouts are:Suitable for all sized dogs.A great dog snack in between meals.100% pork meat.Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.This bulk bag of 50 pig snouts is suitable for multi dog homes or dogs who receive treats often. If you don't need this many treats but still want the great bulk price - consider sharing them among your friend's and family's dogs!

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