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Blackdog Pig Ears 10pk



PIG EARS 10PKPig ears are the best boredom buster for your dog. Crunchy and just a little bit juicy inside, these ears will definitely keep your dog occupied.The Pig Ear is smooth and a little sticky. They are baked to perfection and your dog will love the glazed texture. Flavorsome and tough in density, your dog will be licking, chewing, biting and tearing on this to their heart's content. It isn't a treat that can be quickly chowed down, so you can easily keep your dog distracted with one of these.Best consumed outdoors, the pig ear can be a bit crumbly if your dog is a messy eater. Tastes like bacon.Sizes may vary. Bulk buy with this convenient 10 pack to save time and money in the long run. Also available in singles, see below for more Natural Pet Treats.

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