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Advance Dog Adult Weight Control Large+ Breed Chicken 13kg



Advance Chicken Weight Control Large Breed Dog Food, 13kgSuitable for large and giant breed dogs, this weight control formula is ideal for less active dogs or those who are prone to obesity. It includes real pieces of Australian chicken for taste and as a quality source of protein.Rice is included as a complex carbohydrate that provides your dog with a steady source of energy throughout the day. It is a complete and balanced meal for your dog and dry biscuits are convenient to feed.Why should I feed my large breed dog Advance Weight Control Dog food?If your dog is less active due to an illness or injury this dry dog food can prevent him from gaining weight. It is also a good everyday food if you are trying to reduce your dog's weight.Vitamins, minerals and plant extracts increase the antioxidant level in your dog. Beet pulp and pre-biotic FOS (fermentable fibres) encourage healthy bacteria to grow in the gut, which results in firmer stools. The recipe provides the necessary intake of vitamins and minerals whilst having a lower calorie count in comparison to Advance regular adult dog food.Advance Weight Control food comes in a 13kg bag. This bag contains 55 days of food based on the Advance 25kg adult dog weight loss feeding guide.

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