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Huskimo Cable Knit Cham Grey 27cm



HUSKIMO CABLE KNIT CHAM GREY 27CMNothing beats a hand-knitted sweater from mum, but if you're not much into crafts, the Huskimo Cableknit Dog Jumper is a pretty close second!Designed to capture the charm of a hand-made sweater, this knitted dog jumper is made with love woven into every stitch, and is surely the softest and cosiest way to beat the winter chill this season.Leg straps for a secure fitMachine washableSoft and warm for those chilly winter daysSizingLength: 27cmWith your dog standing, measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. If your dog is broad and chunky, go a size up. If they're slender and thin, go a size down. 

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