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Rogz Cat Wand Teaser Fish



ROGZ CAT WAND TEASER FISHBringing a whole new meaning to the term 'cat-fishing', your feline friend will love pouncing, chasing, and batting at this delightful fish on a rod toy.Featuring a long wand to keep your fingers safely out of harm's way during interactive games with your cat, this toy features a lightweight and super plush fish toy that bounces and swings on the end of a rope. The toy comes with hidden crinkly material inside, and is stuffed with irresistible catnip to really tantalise the senses and keep your cat playing for longer.Plush fish toy on the end of a wandCrinkles when your cat touches itStuffed with catnip for whisker-tingling enjoymentEngages a cat's natural hunting instinctsLong rod keeps your fingers and hands safely out of claw's reach

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