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Kong Cat Flingaroo Frog



KONG CAT FLINGAROO FROGGive it a throw and watch your cat go! The Kong Flingaroo Frog is the perfect toy for pouncing, batting, and full-body wrestling.Designed to spark your cat's interest while satisfying their natural hunting instincts, the Flingaroo Frog features a rotund body that they can really sink their claws into. The toy features an elastic tongue with a crackling ball at the end to entice your cat to play and pounce, while the irresistible catnip inside the frog inspires longer play and greater interaction.Plump body is perfect for encouraging natural wrestling behaviourElastic tongue encourages grab and drag instinctsCrackly ball is perfect for batting and swattingFilled with North American Premium Catnip for longer lasting entertainment

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