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Feliway Refill 3 X 48ml



Feliway Refill 3 X 48ml Pet: Cat Category: Cat Supplies Size: 0.3kg
Rich Description: The Feliway Diffuser Refill is designed for using with the Feliway Diffuser. The Feliway Diffuser comes one 48ml vial to get you started. Please note that the larger refill sizes 96ml and 144ml are multipacks of the 48ml vials.

Helps reduce your cats stress levels
Odourless and easy to use
Each 48ml diffuser vial lasts for one month
Refills available in 3 packs 48ml 1 x 48ml vial 96ml 2 x 48ml vials and 144ml 3 x 48ml vials.

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