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Trouble And Trix Cherry Blossom Natural Litter 10l



TROUBLE AND TRIX CHERRY BLOSSOM NATURAL LITTER 10LShare the home, not the stink! Make living with a cat more pleasant for everyone involved with the odour-neutralising power of Trouble and Trix Natural Litter Pellets.Made from plant extracts, soya beans, and guar gum, these convenient litter pellets are 100% natural, sustainable, and biodegradable. They're also soft on the paws, low-tracking, non-toxic, and digestible, which may sound weird, but it's an important factor for little kittens. All-natural without compromising on odour control, this litter comes with the added benefit of baking soda to neutralise odours and eliminate that strong urine smell.Helping to make cleaning a breeze, this litter is designed to form soft, light, and easily scoopable clumps, minimising wastage while making disposal easy. The soiled litter can then be thrown into the garden to break down naturally, or it can be flushed down the toilet (in small volumes) in moments.Each 10L bag should last for up to 4 weeksMade from soya beansNatural, environmentally sustainable, and biodegradableCan be disposed of in the garden or flushed in small volumes down the toiletAdded baking soda neutralises urine odoursGentle on the pawsLow-trackingNon-toxic, digestible, and safe for kittensForms lightweight and easily scoopable clumps

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