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Scoopfree Litter Box Original Self Cleaning



ScoopFree Litter Box, Original, One SizeSize: 71cm L x 48cm w x 17.5cm HScoopFree is a self cleaning litter box that makes taking care of your cat's business easy. It uses disposable litter trays, which mean you never ever have to scoop poop!The result is unbeatable odour control and the ability to leave it alone for weeks at a time. This may sound strange but the unique disposable litter trays keep the waste contained until it's time to throw it out and replace with a new one.The self-cleaning litter box mechanism slots on top of the disposable litter tray. The rake then sweeps the litter 5, 10 or 20 minutes after your cat uses it. Waste is conveniently raked into the holding compartment so that you don't have to see or smell it. You can feel confident in the abilities of the ScoopFree litter box because the raking mechanism has been lab tested for more than 100,000 cycles without failure/jamming.Litter tray is pre-filled with premium blue crystal cat litter and the base is lined with plastic to prevent against leakage.Sensor resets the timer if your cat re-enters the box.Timer can be used to set it to rake 5, 10 or 20 minutes after your cat has used it.Recommended time between changing litter trays: At least once every 20-30 days for 1 cat, 10-15 days for 2 cats and 7-10 days for 3 cats.

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