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Savic Simba Sift



Savic Simba SiftSimba just couldn't wait to be King and your cat can't wait to use this litter tray. With removable edges, a sieve and extra-large troughs, this litter tray is not only easy to clean, but will keep your cat comfortable and happy while they're doing the doo. The high walls and raised back panel ensure that the area around the Simba stays clean and free of litter, and that there are no leaks from cats who prefer to urinate while standing. The sieve separates waste from clean litter, allowing for easier cleaning, and a better bathroom experience for your cat.The open litter box design is economical and durable, while extra clips keep the two trays and sieve together while being carried. Extra spacious on the inside, bigger breeds or multiple cat households will find this to be the litter tray that's fit for a King.Dimensions: 64 x 46 x 31cm (L x W x H)

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