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Savic Reina Sift Hooded Cat Litter Tray Grey



SAVIC REINA SIFT HOODED CAT LITTER TRAY GREYWe all know your cat is the queen (or king) of the house, and it's time to give them a throne worthy of royalty.Mufasa himself wouldn't say no to the Savic Reina Sift, with its transparent flap door and spacious interior making it purrrfect for multiple or larger cats.Held together with extra closing clips, the upper and two lower sections come apart for easy cleaning, while the sieve has 10mm-diameter openings to keep waste and clumps of soiled litter away from the clean litter. The handle makes the Reina Sift easily transportable, while the carbon filter prevents any unpleasant odours escaping.Show your cat you care with a toilet to be proud of.Dimensions: 64cm x 46 cm x 48 cm (L x W X H)

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