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Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Bamboo Litter 9kg



RUFUS & COCO WEE KITTY BAMBOO LITTER 9KGMaking every potty break more comfortable for your cat and better for the environment, Rufus & Coco Weet Kitty Bamboo Odour Control Litter is made from sustainable and naturally absorbent bamboo fibres.Tough on odours, but not tough on the environment - or your cat's delicate paws - this litter comes infused with charcoal to trap unpleasant ammonia odours in just minutes. The pellets are designed to absorb four times their own weight in liquid, forming convenient clumps for easy scooping and removal. With a paw-friendly design and larger pellets, this litter is also designed to minimise tracking for a cleaner and more hygienic home, as well as a happier cat.After use, the litter can safely be flushed down the toilet or used as a surface mulch in your garden.Charcoal-infused litter traps ammonia odour in minutesAbsorbs four times its own weight in liquidForms convenient clumps for easy scoopingFlushable, septic-safe, and suitable for use as a surface mulch in your gardenMade from sustainable and biodegradable bamboo fibresChemical and additive-freeBetter for the planet than crystal or clay littersLarge, paw-friendly pellets help to minimise tracking

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