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Feline First Organic Cat Litter 5kg



FELINE FIRST ORGANIC CAT LITTER 5KGAn all-natural, grain-based cat litter, Feline First Organic Cat Litter is good for you, good for your cat, and good for the environment too!Fragrance-free and made from a premium blend of natural materials, this organic cat litter is gentle and low-tracking, while offering outstanding odour control to prevent unpleasant smells seeping out into your home. The litter lasts up to a month and is low tracking to prevent your cat from treading dust and poo particles throughout the house (yeah, you heard us).Premium blend of natural materialsGrain-based pelletsFragrance-free formulaGentle and cleanLasts up to one monthOdour neutralisingLow trackingBiodegradableIngredients: Barley, wheat, cereal fibre, lime, bentonite and lucerne meal.

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