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Ezi Lockodour Dual Layer Cat Litter System



Ezi Lockodour Dual Layer Cat Litter System Pet: Cat Category: Cat Supplies Size: 12kg Material: Zeolite
Rich Description: The EziLockOdour Dual Layer Litter System is an innovative new litter tray designed to reduce litter box odours in your home! Natural zeolite pellets dehydrate and drain liquid onto an absorbant pad below the tray which in turn locks in the odour. Cleaning is a breeze as there are no wet litter clumps to scrub from the bottom of the tray simply remove and replace the pad once weekly. Solid waste can be scooped from the top and a complete litter change only needs to be done once a month!

Reduces litter box odours
Includes litter tray scoop 2L pellets and 4 absorbant pads 1 month supply
High side construction to help prevent litter spills
absorbant pad locks away liquid and odour
Natural mineral zeolite pellets with micropores lock away any residual smell
Quick and easy clean up
Change pads once weekly and litter once monthly
Pads and pellets also available separately

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