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Advance Cat Adult Total Wellbeing Chicken 3kg



Advance Chicken Adult Cat Dry Food, 3kgAs the main source of protein this dry cat food contains chicken. Advance use high quality chicken meat sourced from Australia.This dry food is formulated to be a complete and balanced diet for your adult cat and the meaty chicken flavour appeals to your cat's sense of taste and smell.Dry food is convenient to feed to your cat on a regular basis. The texture of dried food also helps to remove plaque from the surface of your cat's teeth.Why should I feed my cat Advance chicken dry food?The special blend of ingredients provides your cat with the nutrition she needs. There are also other positive changes that you will see in your feline friend. This cat food also contains:Yucca extract - This is a natural way of reducing litter box odour, which is beneficial for indoor cats. Psyllium husk and slippery elm bark - The fibre in these two plant extracts help to push undigested hair through the digestive system. Zinc and linoleic acid - The addition of these can dramatically improve the lustre and softness of your cat's fur. A blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene and taurine to boost antioxidants and strengthen your cat's immune system.Advance chicken cat food comes in a 3kg bag. This bag contains 65 feeding days based on the 4kg adult inactive cat feeding guide.We also stock 1.5kg and 8kg bags of this Advance dry cat food.

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